What is Pineau Des Charentes? !
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Pineau Des Charentes is basically a vin de liqueur or mistelle of Cognac region. It is made up by adding one part Cognac in three part squeeze grape juice. The involvement of strong spirit helps in preventing the grape juice from fermenting. The fortified wine can be obtained from the Douro Valley in Portugal and from Jerez de la Frontera. There are different types of fortified wines but the most popular fortified wines are sherry and port. The red and white wine gift set is an amazing gift to be given on Christmas.

What is Pineau Des Charentes made up of?

Pineau Des Charentes is made from the traditional Cognac grapes, Colombard and Folle Blanche with the presence of Bordeaux’s white grapes. It remains fresh for 18 months. Red Pineau is little sweeter as compared to other Pineau Des Charentes. It is made up of red grapes and remains fresh for at least 14 months. The manufactures are able to control the taste and the sweetness and dryness of wine by adding spirits. If the makers add the spirit before fermentation, then the sweet fortified wine is produced.

Somerset Pomona

Somerset Pomona is the British version of Pineau Des Charentes and similar to fortified red wine. It is prepared by adding the unfermented apple juice with the presence of cider brandy. It is made up of native apples.

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